What is Knox Configure?

Cloud-based service that allows businesses to remotely configure a large number of Samsung devices and tailor them to specific business needs.

  • Frictionless Out-of-the-Box Setup
  • Rebranded Software
  • Purpose-built Appliance
  • Advanced Device Configuration


Two Editions

Dynamic Edition

Designed to dynamically configure corporate-liable devices with robust control of devices and security policies enforced


  • Purpose-built Appliance
  • Advanced Device Configuration
  • Dynamic Update
Setup Edition

Designed to pre-configure and rebrand bulk devices with minimum controllability in the way of out-of-the-box experience


  • Over-the-air Configuration
  • Out-of-the-Box Experience
  • Rebranded Software


Product Policies


- Yearly basis

Maintenance fee included
- SLA-based technical support
- Continuous software updates


Per device
- One activation for one device
- Non-transferrable
- Irrevocable from activated devices

No more control after expiration
- No profile update - No enrollment after factory reset - No restriction enforcement


Setup vs. Dynamic Edition in a Nutshell

  Setup Edition Dynamic Edition
Use Case Setup and Deployment Setup. Deployment and Management
Pricing $5 MSRP $10 MSRP
App Deployment

App installation : ≤ 5 apps
App deletion prevention : ≤ 1 app
Disabling preloaded app : ≤ 10 apps

Device Configuration Full
Restriction &
Premium Knox Feature
(Except for FOTA, Multi-User Mode and Safe Mode)
Configuration Update Pull only Pull + Push
Skip Setup Wizard Not Available Available
Profile Limit 300 MB