Tailored for Small and Medium Business

Mobile Management the Way You Need It

Samsung Knox Premium is a powerful tool that can help your
business in so many ways. Our remote QuickStart Services experts will assess your needs and help deploy Knox to manage your
mobility fleet efficiently and productively.

Saving Time Saves You Money

Thoroughly understanding and deploying any IT solution to achieve maximum benefit takes time. That’s time you could be using to grow your business. Samsung QuickStart Services can speed deployment and help prevent time-consuming mistakes.

Our Experts are Here to Help

Our QuickStart Services experts can help you with as much
technical expertise as you need. We’ll walk you through the setup process, show you how to efficiently manage your devices, and help you and your business get the most from Knox Premium.


Three levels of mobile management.

What level of mobile management do you need? Our experts can help you decide if you need Control, Application Control, or Secure Control, to get the most out of Knox Premium.

  • Control assists you in configuring Knox Premium to manage devices with features such as Remote Wipe and Lock, and Locate Your Device.
  • Application Control does everything Control does, but also handles the management and deployment of applications, as well as restriction of device capabilities.
  • Secure Control does all of the above but adds enhanced security and integration with your existing infrastructure such as Active Directory and Exchange Email servers.

A more detailed description can be found at www.samsung.com/us/KnoxPremiumQuickStartGuide

Quickstart 1: This service is great for customers needing assistance with setting Knox Premium with minimal need for assistance with policy creations, creation of Role based admins and Groups. This will get a SMB setup quickly and efficiently.  

Quickstart 2: This service is great for customers needing assistance with setting up Knox Premium and would like assistance creating additional policies, role based and group based admins, along with reporting, app management, kiosk mode, device restrictions, and 3rd party devices

Quickstart 3: This service is great for customers needing a more advanced use case of Knox Premium.  This service reviews all aspects of the Knox Premium product including review Knox Workspace Implementation, Active Directory Integration, Exchange Email Integration, and Certificate based Authentication.


Service Activities QuickStart 1
QuickStart 2
Application Control
QuickStart 3
Secure Control
Samsung Knox Account Creation X X X
Knox Support Guide and Tools X X X
Review of Identity and Account Management / EMM Settings X X X
User Portal Access Walkthrough X X X
Administrative Account Creation X X X
License Registration X X X
Device Enrollment X X X
Policy Creation 2 Policies 6 Policies 10 Policies
Role-Based Administration 2 Roles 4 Roles 8 Roles
User-Based Administration 2 Groups 4 Groups 8 Groups
Report Generation   2 Reports 4 Reports
Application Management   X X
Configure Kiosk Mode   X X
Advanced Device Restrictions   X X
Third-Party Device (Policies, Deployment, APNS Certificate Creation)   X X
Knox Workspace Implementation     X
Active Directory Integration     X
Exchange Email Integration     X
Certificate-Based Authentication     X
MSRP $299.00 $499.00 $1,599.00

Getting Started is Quick and Easy
1. Select the QuickStart Service that you think best matches your specific needs, and order the corresponding part number from your reseller or carrier.
2. A Samsung representative will then contact you and confirm that your purchase is the best fit for you and your needs.
3. A Samsung representative will schedule a time to walk you through the Knox Premium set-up and configuration so you can easily make adjustments later.

Custom Deployment Services
Samsung QuickStart Services are limited to configurations of fewer than 500 devices and a maximum of 8 user/administration groups. If you have specific requirements beyond those provided by QuickStart Services, including integration with third-party solutions, please contact your partner or your carrier, or email us at mdmsupport@pcsorders.com